The Effects of Corona Virus Pandemic

corona virus pandemic

Psychological effects of corona virus pandemic

At least one third of the current world population are desperate to go back to their normal life.

It is safe to admit that we all are freaked out and scared for our lives right now. People who never cared about their sanitization before are obsessed with it.

We refuse to leave the house even for buying essential things. We have already finished ten bottles of sanitizer and another ten are already stocked in the storage.

Homemade mask making videos are going viral instead of the usual music video reactions. Needless to say, everyone is in panic mode.

The pandemic has spread in more than 70 countries in the world, making some of the biggest nations helpless. Many people have already died and hundreds of new cases are added every day.

effects of corona virus pandemic

In this state of desperation, many psychological issues are being discovered in people. Some of the issues that scientists have predicted to emerge in the next few weeks are as follows :

  • Extreme anxiousness
  • Feeling of being lonely
  • Various types of depression
  • Panic over weight gain and other health issues
  • General feeling of sadness and helplessness
  • Lots of stress and anger issues

These are some of the major mental issues predicted. The best reason that can be given for this is the feeling of uncertainty among individuals. There is still not a definite way to end this outbreak and it looks like it might take a long time to find it.

In conclusion, right now no one knows when this all will end. This is making people more and more anxious.

Mental issues can be far more dangerous than the physical ones. The best way to fight against COVID-19 is quarantine or self-isolation. These are also the exact reasons which are causing mental stress to many people around the globe

. Since their usual freedom has been taken away, people are worried about this new lifestyle they have to adapt to so suddenly.

People feeling like they are a threat to their own kind makes them even more depressed.

Humans naturally are a species that love being in a crowd rather than being lonely. Isolation of the positively tested patients is one of the crucial things to stop the pandemic.

Potentially, this can also end up making the patients feel like they are all on their own and make them mentally unstable.

While everyone of us can agree it is a difficult situation all around us. Though it is hard, we can always find something to make it a little bit better.

After doing research about the things that can help handle these mental issues, there are some things that were suggested by doctors all around the world. These are some general tips given to help cope with mental issues in a better way.

  • Design a daily routine and follow it as much as you can
  • Find things that make you happy and do them every day
  • Spend time with your family and communicate a lot with them
  • Write down your feelings or discuss with someone you love
  • Don’t listen to the news continuously. Do it for a small period only.   
  • Allow yourself to take moments to be sad and think about yourself
  • Don’t hesitate or feel bad to ask for help when you feel like taking it.

Some of these might sound stupid, but giving them a try is not going to hurt anyone. In tough times, you have to carefully find the things that genuinely help you be sane.

Once you find these things, it is also important to keep doing them regularly. Stop doing things that upset you or make you worry. It is okay to be a little selfish and think about yourself before thinking about others.

It is possible this outbreak might cause people already having mental sickness to make rash decisions. This is really unfortunate and it is necessary to find a way to resist this.

These solutions mentioned above can be helpful in that exact case. This is a situation which most of us have never been through so it is understandable if you feel weird about it.

As we are coming to the end of this article, the only thing you need to feel assured by is that you are definitely not alone. Millions of others are also feeling the same emotions as you are probably.

So relax as much as you can and try to make your current situation better. Keep trying and remember. We are also rooting for you!

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